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Corporate Catering

Pastries are usually an excellent option for corporate gatherings of all kinds, whether you're having a long meeting, celebrating a milestone, or bidding farewell to a coworker.


Donatzu ドーナツ provides catering services and can prepare fresh donuts for your next office party. 


The truth is — almost everyone enjoys donuts...


Additionally, we have a wide range of selections and mouthwatering coatings, drizzles, and fillings that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Our Portfolio:


  • Office events, including parties, conferences, and open houses


  • Sales meetings


  • Staff and customer appreciation days


  • Client relations


  • Charity events


  • Non-profit fundraisers

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For more information and bookings, WhatsApp/call us at 81239098 or click the link below

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